About me

I’m a 46 year old man living in the suburbs of friendly Atlanta.  Married, 2 kids, 2 dogs, professional, life is good.  Until I realize the crutch I’ve used all my life to convince myself I’m not gay falls apart.  Welcome to the jungle.  So far, writing is taking the place of paying $$ for therapy…but I’m pretty sure that day is coming too.


6 Responses to About me

  1. Ben Marceau says:

    Also married, 2 kids, 3 dogs, professional, life is good. And I have the same crutch you do.

    • Jack says:

      Ben, I struggled with my sexuality for many years. It almost tore me apart. When I finally decided it would not go away, I dredged up the courage to face it and live it.
      It was the best decision I ever made. Since that decision I’ve met guys I never would have met otherwise. Most of them I’ll never meet face to face, yet they have enriched my life.
      Please visit my blog at http://JackScottsBisexualBuddies.blogspot.com

  2. nick carew says:

    going through the same nightmare. I am 46 also in France, run a hedge fund. married for 20 years. The difficult bit i guess is being honest with myself that I am gay. Had lots of opportunities to do this but i just lied to my wife and mostly to myself. be good to keep in touch. Now, I feel like the shit who wants to put his own happiness above everything else. What the fuck do i do? Should I just take the pain, deny myself to the grave and leave the sleeping dogs to lie? or create an almighty mess.


  3. Wow…so I’m not the only one?!?!

  4. Just coming upon your blog. Was married too, for almost 35 years, 4 children. That ended 6 years ago when I came out. It was the best thing that could have happened. My relationship with my children is closer than it’s ever been. It’s far better on the other side! Hang in there and take one day at a time.

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